Booking conditions

The Prices of Private Tours are presented taking into account that the Tours start from and end in Yerevan. In case of starting the Tour from and/or ending it in a different place, the prices may change.

The estimated duration for each destination of a Private Tour is mentioned on the Website and/or on the Order confirmation; however, the Tour may take more or less time based on different circumstances.

During certain Private Tours, depending on the destination and location, the transportation means may be unable to reach the destination, and the participants may need to walk some distance and/or climb some stairs. If the participants have difficulties walking or overcoming stairs, then they should verify in advance if destinations include such sites.

Within the scope of Private Tours it is allowed to bring pets only in case of advance notice.

The Company is not responsible for any of your items left, lost, damaged or destructed in the vehicles and in the sites during Private Tours.


Cancellation and Modification

Private Tour Order cannot be confirmed without Deposit.

In general the Deposit makes up 30% of the Order Price; while in case of cancellation or no-show, the Deposit is not refunded to the Customer.

In specific cases the Company may require a different amount of Deposit and set different terms of Order cancellation, by agreeing with the Customer in advance.

The Customer shall make the rest of the Payment upon visit, unless otherwise agreed with the Company.

No additional amount (besides advanced payment) is charged from the Customer when postponing or cancelling the confirmed Order.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions or force majeure state, and for security reasons, the Company has the right to change, shorten or cancel the Confirmed Order. In case of cancellation by the Company, the whole amount paid for the Service is refunded to the Customer. There can be alternative cancellation terms, which will be communicated to applicable Clients at the time of booking. If the Company has replaced the sites or services provided within the Order with equivalent sites or services due to the above-mentioned circumstances, then it has no obligation towards the Customer and does not have to refund any amount of money.
Once the tour has started and the rest of the payment is done, there won’t be any refund in case the participant abandons the trip for any reason or the other.