Areni-1 Cave with Hayk The Guide, Armenia with Hayk

The world’s oldest shoe

Areni-1 cave is located just 12 km from Yeghegnadzor, Armenia. This captivating cave, nestled on the left bank of the River Areni, boasts three expansive halls covering an area of…
Armenian Dolma making masterclass with Hayk The Guide, Armenia with Hayk

How to make Armenian Dolma and Gata

If you’re a true foodie and enjoy cooking, join our Dolma and Gata making masterclass during our private tours in Armenia to discover the art of Armenian cuisine. Dolma is…
“The Wings of Tatev” cable car and Tatev monastery with Hayk The Guide, Armenia with Hayk

The Wings of Tatev

“The Wings of Tatev” is world’s longest non-stop, double reversible cable car recorded in Guinness Book of World Records, which runs from the village of Halidzor to the Tatev Monastery,…

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